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Noodler's Blue Steel

Here's another Dromgoole's exclusive ink from Noodler's. I'll be posting Black Bat in the next day or two, and Alamo's Sunset and Live Oak are forthcoming. 

The swatch above is still wet when I took the picture because I forgot to include a swatch on the original review. It's looking a bit more blue than it does in real life. It dries to a color that is just about the same as blued steel. It's sort of like a blue ink with a bit of green to it, and a bit of a sheen. 

This nib is a little bit dry, and it still shades beautifully.

This is (despite the shading) a pretty saturated ink, and it can be a little hard to get started. This nib is also a little bit dry, so it's not a good combination if you want your pen to start every time. Once it gets flowing, though, you're good to go.

Here's the video and water test:

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