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Noodler's Texas Blue Bonnet (Eternity)

Hello, there, folks. The last couple of inks I reviewed, I didn't like that much. This one is the exact opposite. It's pretty super.

This is one of the Dromgoole's exclusive inks, that you can only get from the store itself. They don't have much of a web-presence, but they do ship things if you call them up. I encourage you to do so.

This ink is labeled "Eternity," and that line of inks are supposed to last forever. They're not quite as forgery-proof as the bulletproof inks, but they're still pretty darn hard to get off of paper. They might fade, but they're not going away. Be careful what you write with one of these. It's sticking around.

No skipping in this title or swoosh. The Franklin-Christoph broad nib that I wrote this with is a bit wet, and this ink is on the wet side, so the ink comes out bold and the shading really shows.

You can see the difference between the nibs at different ends of the spectrum in the picture above. It's much darker from a broad nib, but the colors are still excellent, and they both shade on Rhodia.

Thoughts? This ink is great. It's going to live in my TWSBI 700 for a while. I don't get tired of the color, and the performance is pretty super. I think you should get a bottle. 

Yep. It shades.

Blue Bonnet is a light-to-medium blue, and it's going to have a place in my rotation for a long time. 

The water-test video:

I ditched iMovie on the iPad, and just did this one with the regular video app. It worked out just fine.

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