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Caran d'Ache Delicate Green


This Caran d'Ache ink isn't going to make it into my rotation. It's a bright, springy green that would really pop off of the page if it were a bit more saturated. It is a bit darker on regular copy papers than it is on the Rhodia paper, but it still looks kinda thin. It's just not doing anything for me.


Ink Chromatography

 Cat hair, free of charge. 

Copy Paper Testing

 This behaves pretty well on copy papers, As I mentioned above, this looks a bit better on regular paper than it does on FP friendly paper.

Ink Comparisons

This picture is a little blurry at the bottom, but Delicate Green looks a lot like Vert Pre.

This ink isn't going to suit my writing, but if it strikes your fancy, then you can find bottles and samples over at Anderson Pens. A 50ml bottle goes for $36.

Video Review and Water Drop Test

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The ink for this review was provided free of charge by Anderson Pens. The review was all mine, however
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penemuel said...

I actually like this colour (and am amazed to see it actually showing a tiny bit of shading even on the copier paper!), but of all the words to describe it, "Delicate" is about the last one on the list!

Mike Matteson said...

I dunno, it looks kinda delicate to me. Like a new leaf on a plant or something. I knew it would have fans out there, just like Vert Pre does, and I'm glad I sometimes review inks that I don't care for.