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Montblanc Meisterstuck 90 years Permanent Grey


I've been a little behind in the past when I post these LE Montblanc inks, but this one should totally be available for you. Grey inks are all the rage right now, what with the new J. Herbin 1670 ink and all. This one isn't loaded with gold flakes, but it is an excellent grey with some really good properties.

I held off on getting a bottle of this 90th Anniversary ink for a couple of months. The early pictures that I saw showed a pretty light grey, and I'm not into that. I want a grey that is distinctly grey, but also dark enough to use day-to-day. It turns out, though, that this is both of those things. And, it's permanent. That's neat. It's also fairly well-behaved on crappy papers and (though I don't mention it) it dries pretty quickly.

I've found that I really like this ink, and I can recommend getting a bottle while you can.



The Herbin ink below is darker than it should be. It was in that pen for a long time and it was the dregs of the cartridge. The Brahmin ink is a really dark black, and you can see a definite difference between that and the 90 year ink. I think it's a good look.

Copy Paper Test

 There's some bleed with this ink, but most of this is kinda just show-through. Fairly good behavior, but it could be a little better.


 Just a little blue in the middle of the greys and a little tan on the strip, as well. Most of the ink didn't move, though, and that's pretty impressive.

Water Test and Review Video

You can find this ink around, but it's an LE, so supplies are a little scarce. I think I paid about $20 or so for my 35ml bottle at a Montblanc store. I've seen it at Bertram's Inkwell and at Anderson Pens, but that's about it. 

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