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Cursive Logic on Kickstarter


Hi folks,
This is just a quick note to draw your attention to a kickstarter that needs a little help. Linda Shrewsbury contacted me a little while ago to see if I would be interested in checking out her cursive-teaching system. I've been feeling, lately, that my handwriting needs a little help so I said "sure!"

The handbook that she sent out is very well-done. It's printed high-quality paper with a decent spiral binding. Holding this book really brings me back to my primary school days when we had lots of these type of workbooks. The print inside is glossy and crisp. Good lookin' work.

The system that Linda has developed is one which aims to teach cursive writing in a more sensible way than the standard "write this one letter a hundred times" fashion that I remember from school. That wasn't fun, and I always remember resenting it. I couldn't wait until I didn't have to do that dumb practicing any more. Linda's system has broken the alphabet down into four different letter-shapes: oval, loop, swing, and mound. The similarly-shaped letters are taught together, then connections between different kinds of letters, then writing your name, and then upper case letters. Throughout, the book shows what sorts of motions to make in drawing the letters, and that's a very helpful feature.

 It's a pretty tight system, I think, and much better than the methods I remember using back in primary.

Head over to Kickstarter to lend your support and get this project really moving. They're a little short of their goal, and there are only a few days left, so get over there if you're interested.


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