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Toucan Violet


Hey, look! Another Toucan ink from Anderson Pens!

This time we have a light purple ink that fits well with, I don't know...Valentine's Day? It's a bit pale for me, and it's a bit purple for me to use regularly. I used this in a really medium-flow medium nib, and it was kinda pale. Like most of the rest of this collection, it's not really all that saturated, but judging by the swatch and the swab on the Anderson Pens site this might be a good bit darker if you used it in a wet nib.

Written Review


I actually don't know why there's a bit of orange in the first couple of strokes of that "T". There hasn't been an orange ink in that pen for a while, and there's no orange in the ink that I can see. MYSTERY.

Ink Comparisons

I've dipped a couple of these purple inks to compare to Violet. I think I like the Jane Austen a bit better than Violet, but that's probably just because it's darker. I'd be more likely to use Deep Purple, though.

Copy Paper Test


Yep, that's a cat walking around behind my chromatography. Her name is Katy Purry. 

Water Drop Test and Video Review

The Final Words:

Toucan's Violet is a fairly light purple ink. It's well behaved, and it's bound to find fans out there. You can (only) find bags and samples over at Anderson Pens. A 60ml bag goes for $10.

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The ink for this review was provided free of charge by Anderson Pens. The review was all mine, however.
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