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Diamine Sargasso Sea


This is a bottle that I picked up from Bert at Bertram's Inkwell in the DC area over Christmas. His shop can be a little difficult to find, but it's worth the trip. If you're in the area, stop on by.

This one is a deep blue that goes down super dark and then lightens up as it dries. There's a good bit of violet in there, too, I think.

This one is a bit on the wet side, and it has a tendency to bleed just a little. It would probably be a little better in a fine nib, but I really like it in the broader nibs.

 Written Review!


 Fancy Paper!
  I just got this fancy Tomoe River paper, and it really shows off the sheen and shading in inks.

 And now, compared to a close relative that has more sheen:

Copy Paper Test!

 If Sargasso Sea falls short anywhere, it's on 20lb paper. There's a little more bleed and feather than I'd prefer, but it's not too bad.

Color Comparisons!


Video Review and Water Test!

Check this ink out at Bertram's Inkwell.

You can find big bottles, small bottles, and samples at Anderson Pens.

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Denise said...

Here is the link for this ink at Bertram's Inkwell. Little typo involved…

Mike Matteson said...

Awesome! Thanks for finding it for me. I'll add it to the main post.

Unknown said...

I really like the color of Sargasso Sea, but my bottle, at least, smells vaguely like an old library. It's off-putting enough that I've moved more to other inks.