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Lamy Dark Lilac


Okay, so there are a lot of pictures in this post. Way more than usual. That's probably what you came here for, though, right?

Dark Lilac is the new hotness right now. Everyone wants it, and relatively few people have it. It's the ink that sells out immediately when it comes in stock. It's a semi-limited edition, but it's not the sort of LE that is in terminally short supply. Usually Lamy will make and distribute plenty of ink for everyone. I got mine at the Atlanta Pen Show from Crazy Alan. He had the pens and bottles, too, but I didn't get them. I sort of regret that, now.

One last thing: If you're looking for lots of purple comparisons, then check out the end of the post. Lots of comparison cards. Lots.

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Written Review


I only got a pack of cartridges of this ink, but I'll probably get a bottle when I get a chance.

Copy Paper Test

There's some bleed-through from the stub nib (which is a little weird), but just some show-through from the other nib.


Color Comparisons

I'll be reviewing this "Dark Orchid" ink in the near future, too. Much lighter, but it's a happy shade of purple, right?

Gratuitous Sheen and Stuff

This is a cool ink, and I couldn't resist taking more pictures of it. You won't always see this sheen, but you will see it if you use a really wet nib.

Above: Wet! Below: Dry!

 Video Review and Water Test:

Is this an ink I'll buy a bottle of? Yeah. Probably. It's dark, rich, and there's that sheen. It's not really water resistant at all, but it's good stuff. You can find it (when it's in stock) at your favorite Lamy merchant.

A million comparisons:
I put these at the bottom in case people would rather not scroll past them. 

Akkerman #14 in the picture below is much more purple than it appears below. This one and Cassia are pretty similar, and neither of them come out true from my camera. The other two inks look just right. Weird, huh?

See? Cassia is a bright purple color, and it's coming out very blue. As before, the other two inks in the picture are accurately represented.

Murasaki-shikibu is also slightly more lavender than it appears in the picture below.

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GourmetPens said...

I think the Gratuitous Sheen and Stuff section is my favorite :) Very nice!!

Mike Matteson said...

Ha! Thanks, Azizah. Maybe I'll keep that section for when I do sheeny inks. :-)

Unknown said...

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