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Papier Plume Garden District Azelea


This is the last of the New Orleans Collection from Papier Plume. Garden District Azelea is a soft pink ink that really captures the pink blossoms of an azelea. Thanks for sending this one out for review, Papier Plume!

It's a very limited edition, so if you want to get your hands on one of the 60 bottles that will be sold you should set an alarm for 11am CST on Friday 9/16 and click this link. 
This is Papier Plume's picture. Not mine. Fancy, right?

Written Review


Yeah, I messed up the word "Vanishing" above. I forgot the last "n" and then messed up the "g" while was trying to shoe-horn it in there. Oh well. You get the idea.

There's a pretty big difference between the fine nib and the medium nib on those two pens, and you can really see a big difference in the appearance of the ink.

It's a nice pink ink, but it's a little thin, and so it ends up looking better on more average paper. Check out the Pen Habit Currently Inked sample below. The more-absorbent paper makes the ink look better, I think.

Color Comparisons

This is really cool. That streak of high-lighter yellow at the top was a total surprise.

Copy Paper Test

The behavior isn't great. It's got some bleed, feather, and spread on the 20lb copy paper. You're not all that likely to use an ink like this at work, though, so you'll probably keep it on better paper. So, not a huge deal.

Pen Habit Currently Inked Book
I think it looks best on this paper, really.

Ink Journal (Tomoe River)

You can really tell how thin the ink is on the Tomoe River paper, and its not a great look. It comes off under-saturated.

Bonus Action Shots

Video Review and Water Test


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Unknown said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog!!! Your before and afters are AMAZING! You did a great job, it is got a few bleed, feather, and unfold on the 20lb replica paper. you are not all that probable to use an ink like this at work, even though, so that you'll likely preserve it on better paper. I'm working in OOH Advertisement ERP So, not a big deal. dark reddish ink that shades from a thin pinkish red to a pretty dark brick hue. To my eye, it looks like a number of the simply superb crushing pens obtainable. in case you're not familiar with what urushi is, nicely, it is lacquer.