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Conklin's 2016 DC Pen Show Ink


 So, this is going to be a short review because you probably can't get ahold of this ink very easily. It was the ink that was given away in the swag bag at the DC Show this last August, and it doesn't seem to have a name. That's irritating, and it means that I don't know if you can get this anywhere else because I don't know what it is.

What I can tell you is that it works just fine. It's an okay blue that runs a little thin, and it certainly looks better from a wetter nib. It is only okay from the medium nib on my Vanishing Point, but it's actually really nice from the 1.1 stub on my Conklin. I think the issue is that the ink is a little on the thin side, so it just needs a wet nib to bring out the character. In thinner, drier nibs it's just kinda lackluster.

Written Review

Close -Ups!

Copy Paper Test

It works pretty well on the copy paper. There's just a little spotting on from the 1.1 nib, but that's not bad at all.


In a PenHabit Currently Inked Book:

Water Test and Video Review

So, I'm kinda "meh" on this ink. It was worth every penny, but it's getting washed out of my vanishing point real soon. If you're going to make a blue ink, you've got to make an interesting blue ink. It's a crowded field, and this one doesn't quite cut the mustard. It does look really nice in my Conklin's stub though...

I'm not sure where you can find this ink, but if you find it let me know in a comment.

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