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Cross Violet

Ink sample provided by Anderson Pens.

 Check out this purple!

As soon as I swatched this one, I knew it was going to be the stand-out of the bunch.  (The Cross Blue-Black is really cool, though. Check it out.) This is a color that is hard to capture in words, as there are so many different variants of purple. This one is a dark violet. Not as dark as Dark Lilac, but perhaps neighbors. I really like this color.

Take a look at the pics below, and give the video a watch. Let me know what you think.

Written Review

Close Ups!

Weird that the swatch bled through the Rhodia a little bit. It doesn't bleed through copy paper, but this was kind of a lot of ink. Also, it dried really quickly. I usually film the swatching at regular speed, stop it, and start a new video as a time-lapse to catch the drying phase for Instagram. This ink actually dried so fast that I didn't have time to catch that second video. Pretty awesome drying time on Rhodia!

Copy Paper Test


Color Comparisons

Video Review and Water Drop Test

**This ink sample was provided by Anderson Pens in exchange for my honest review. The review is mine alone, and all YMMV. **
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