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A Q&A Video

Hey folks!

It seems, from my YouTube analytics, that people who come to my photo-blog don't usually watch my videos on the blog. If you're a blog-reader who doesn't care for video, that's cool. If you're someone who checks out both of these, let me know in a comment or something. I'm really interested to know what y'all are into and how I can make the blog and channel better.

Nonetheless, here's a little Q&A video that I made for my YouTube channel. It was fun to do, and I'm hoping that folks will hit me with more questions so that I can make more of those. Maybe make it a weekly thing?

Anyway, here's the link:

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Ken Crooker said...

I sometimes watch your videos through your blog if I'm at my computer. I'm usually watching on my phone, though, and it doesn't let me enter full-screen view when I watch from your blog on my phone, so I end up switching over to YouTube for the full-screen experience. That could contribute to your blog-viewing numbers being low. Anyway, I enjoyed the Q&A format and would enjoy more of them.

Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

I tend to watch from the blog.

Thanks for the dry ink suggestions, I recently got a pen with a very wet nib and have been trying to find an ink that would work.

Nathaniel Paust said...

I can read much faster than I can watch a video. If there's text and a video, I usually pay absolutely no attention to the video. If there's only a video, I skip it.

Gamer said...

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