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Sailor Jentle Irori


This is my favorite red ink. Maybe that'll change in the future, but this has been the one I've used for most of the last year. It's a bright, vivid red with just a bit of gold sheen. It behaves itself on cheap papers, and it's worked perfectly in every nib I've used it in.

The first sample was from Anderson Pens, but I liked it so much that I asked for a bottle of it for Christmas (and got it from my lovely wife!). It's really good.

The Written Review

This review felt really short. I kept thinking, "I need to write more words." I think the reason that I didn't write more is that there aren't any caveats or "but"s in my mind. This is just a really good ink. Totally worth the $18 per bottle.

Close Ups!

Copy Paper Test

Tomoe River Paper
From an Ink Journal

You can see the gold sheen in the picture below. It's not overwhelming, as it is in some other inks, but it's present when you use a wet enough ink.

Wheat Straw Paper
From a Pen Habit Currently Inked notebook.

The sample below was written with a SIG nib, and not with the SIG flex that is currently on the pen.

Color Comparisons!

Here are some more comparisons, and a way to compare it to whatever else you'd like. I think it looks a little more orange than usual in that picture, but that's probably just some of the gold sheen showing up. 

Water Test and Video Review!


**Anderson Pens provided a sample of this ink for review, but the bottle was a Christmas gift that was paid for with money. The review above represents only my experiences with the ink.**
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