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Lamy Pacific Blue


This was the first of the limited edition inks that Lamy released this year, and it didn't get nearly as much love as Petrol did. It's not because it's turquoise. Turquoise inks are really hot right now. Especially ones that have some shading and sheen to them. It sort of had everything going for it. The matching Lamy Al-Star is beautiful. So why did it fail to grab the attention of the community?

Well, because it was a really weird move on Lamy's part. Pacific blue is the same ink as Lamy Turquoise. This was revealed by Lamy, but not before retailers had ordered it and the first shipments had gone out to customers. This left everyone feeling a little ticked off. Customers felt they'd bee mislead (and they had). Retailers probably felt the same way, and they were stuck with a bunch of ink that people might not buy because of this weird Lamy-move.

By now, though, y'all know this. So, apart from it being the same as Lamy's Turquoise, how's the ink? Read on!

Find your bottles at Anderson Pens or  Pen Chalet where they go for $10.50 in a 50ml bottle.

Written Review


Bottle sheen!

Copy Paper Test

Some minor feathering and just a little bit of bleed on this paper.

Tomoe River Ink Journal

Pen Habit Inky Fingers (Wheat paper)

Color Comparisons

There are tons of inks in this color range. I only had one inked that was close, so I've included a bunch of others on Col-o-ring cards and Word Cards.

They don't look identical to me, but it could be that Lamy changed the formula for Turquoise in the last few years?


Water Test and Video Review

Water Test Spoilers:

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