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Papier Plume Bayou Nightfall

Ink provided for review by Papier Plume.

This new ink from Papier Plume brings the bayou to your page! The uniquely blue-green-grey color of this ink is very twilighty. I think this is a cool color, and I don't have anything in my collection that matches it. Check it out below, and let me know what you think of it.

Written Review

Never forget: If you don't like an ink in the first nib you put it in, try another nib! I didn't like this one much in the Taccia's MS nib, but I like it a lot in the narrower, wetter, Vanishing point nib. It's funny how that works.

Close Ups!

I overexposed this one to highlight the shading. It's got a lot of depth in the right nib. 

I think I must have rested my hand on the page in a couple of places, and this ink is thin enough that it follows the whorls of my hand-prints. It doesn't really feather at all, in my experience.

Copy Paper Test

Not bad for Staples 20lb paper. There's some minor bleed from the VP's nib, but it's not a big deal.

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Ink Journal Tomoe River Book

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Color Comparisons!


Video Review and Water Drop Test

Whaaat? Water-resistant grey? Yep.

This ink was provided free of charge by Papier Plume, but that doesn't sway my review, and it doesn't sway your eyes. Go get it if you like what you see. None of the links here are affiliate links. Just regular old linky links.
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WriteHere said...

Beautiful ink and a great review. It looks very good even on the copy paper.