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Platinum Classic Cassis Black

Thanks for the ink sample, Anderson Pens!

 Another iron gal ink!? Yep!

This interesting maroonish ink is named after the cassis liqueur that's made from black currents. The color of this ink does remind me of a berry juice stain, now that I know what I'm looking at. Really, this ink is a little on the light side for me. It darkens from a slightly pinker color to the sort of burgundy that you see in the pictures. It's not a very dramatic change, but it's there.

On the positive side, this ink's behavior on cheap copy paper is perfect. No bleeding, no feathering, and no spreading. It's also got some water resistance. It dries quickly, and it doesn't feel quite as dry on the nib as the other iron galls in this set. It's a perfectly good ink if you're into this color. If only it were a little more saturated...

Written Review

Close Ups

Tomoe River InkJournal

Inky Fingers Currently Inked Journal

Staples 20lb Copy Paper

 See? Perfect. In fact, I really like the way that it looks on this paper as opposed to the fancier ones.

Color Comparisons


Water Test and Video Review

**This ink sample was provided, free of charge, for review by Anderson Pens. No money has changed hands, and nothing was promised. As always, what you see is what I got.**
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