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Robert Oster's Frankly Blue

Ink provided for review by Federalist Pens! Thanks!

 This is the ink that Robert Oster made to celebrate the first anniversary of Robert Oster inks in the USA. Federalist Pens was their first distributor, and that shop is owned by a really nice guy named Frank. What else would Robert Oster make to mark this occasion, but a dusky blue ink with some sheen! I tell ya, he's really got the market cornered on that sort of ink.

Check out this neat ink in the pictures below, the differences in the look of this ink from different nibs, and a whole raft of color comparisons! And, not for nothing, the video for this ink has a pretty good blooper at the end. Just sayin'.

Written Review

Close Ups:

Copy Paper Test

 A little bit of bleed from the Sailor Music Stub, but that's to be expected.

Other Papers!

Inky Fingers wheat paper:

 Ink Journal's Tomoe River

 Inky Fingers wheat paper:

Color Comparisons!

 Looking for a more expensive way to get this ink? Mix your own with Sailor's Storia inks!


Water Test and Video Review

***This ink was provided free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are mine, and all of the pictures are mine. Your mileage may vary. No guarantees were given, no money changed hands, and none of these are affiliate links.***

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Thank You Mike! Nice Review!
Custom Gold Cap and label for Fed Pens!
A must for Robert Oster Signature collectors!

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