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Kyo-Iro Soft Snow of Ohara


I think this is the first Kyo-Iro ink I've reviewed, and I hope all of them are as cool as Soft Snow of Ohara. This is a pretty new line of inks being carried by Anderson Pens, and they provided the sample for this review. I've got a couple more of these inks in the pipeline, and they're a cool new brand to have around. These inks are all made for the TAG stationary store in Kyoto, Japan. I think I have samples of all of the inks in the Kyo-Iro and Kyo-no-oto line, so let me know which ones you'd like to see reviewed.

Written Review


Copy Paper Test

There's a little bit of bleed on this paper, but it's not too bad. Also a little bit of feathering from the Cleo Skribent pen, for some reason. The FC's broad stub puts down more ink, but it behaved a little better.

Ink Journal Tomoe River

Inky Fingers Journal (Wheat straw paper)

Color Comparisons!

I didn't have anything in a pen that was all that close to Soft Snow, so I've got a bunch of cards to compare.

I thought it was going to be pretty close to the Purple Rock from Robert Oster, but it's not really all that close. Oh well.

Water Test and Video Review

Bonus Shot!

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