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Kyo-Iro Moonlight of Higashyama


These Kyo-Iro inks are really interesting. This is the third one that I've reviewed on this blog, and I think I like it the most, so far. It's definitely more interesting than Flaming Red, and on par with the really cool Soft Snow of Ohara. Like Ohara, this ink is difficult to categorize. It's sort of a red, but it's also sort of an orange. It's a little pale in the smear on Rhodia, but it's plenty saturated from the nib. It's a bit weird, but I really like it. In fact, as you can see above, I've used up almost the entire sample that Anderson Pens sent me for review. They've got it in stock in bottles and samples, and you should check this one out. It's neat.

Check it out below and let me know where you stand on this interpretation of Moonlight. Also, there are a whole slew of color comparisons down there for you to see. A SLEW.

Also, after I'd done the video and taken all of the pictures, I noticed that I misspelled the name of the ink. I forgot the little hump on an "h" and I feel a little dumb about that. Oh well. It happens.

Written Review



This one looks way different in the two pens I used it in. The flex nib is darker and finer, and it seems to put a lot more of the ink the same place. I really like it both ways, though.

Copy Paper Test

This is really good. You see a touch of bleed from the flex nib, but only a couple of dots here and there from the broad SIG, and no feathering.

Inky Fingers Currently Inked Notebook

Find these really helpful little books here.

Ink Journal Tomoe River

Find THESE helpful little notebooks here.

Life Notecards

I picked these up on a whim from JetPens a while ago because I'd recently been introduced to Life paper, and they're really nice. Also, they come with a hole punched in them so that you can easily put them on a ring.


Water Test and Video Review

This one has a little more resistance than I thought it would, but I wouldn't call it water-resistant.

Color Comparisons

Okay, so I've tried to find some things that are close to Moonlight, but none of them really are. These swatches run the gamut from reds, to oranges, to browns.

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