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Krishna Lyrebird Blue Black


  Braden over at Pen Chalet saw someone ask me about this ink on a live chat, and I'd not heard of it so he sent out both the Blue and the Blue Black inks for me to try. They're reasonably priced, and meant to be used day-to-day. No crazy colors or anything. Just solid inks. Check this one out below, and I'll have the other ink reviewed in the near future.

Full-Page Review:


You find some nice sheen and shading in the close-ups on Rhodia. You won't really find this kind of thing on lesser papers, but it can show off pretty well when you give it a chance.

Tomoe River Ink Journal:

Inky Fingers Wheat Straw Paper:

This wheat paper is closer to what you'll see on non-coated papers. A touch of sheen, a little shading, but some really nice coloration.

30% Recycled 20lb Crappy Copy Paper:

This paper shows some bleed and just a little feathering here and there. It's not good paper. It's pretty bad, actually.

Color Comparisons!

These are just some vanity shots of that sheen. Lyrebird can't compete with Quasar or Tchaikovsky, but that's not really its goal, anyway.

Video Review:

Water Test Results!

Not bad! Not great, but it's something.

**This bottle of ink was sent out for review by Pen Chalet. I don't let such things color my reviews, and what you see is that you get. YMMV, etc.**
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