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3 Oysters Doldam


I have a few of these 3Oysters inks from South Korea to review (most of them sent out for review by the company), and this one is a strange one. As you'll see below, the color is awesome. As you'll also see below, it's got a couple of behavioral issues that might put you off. Check it out below and let me know what you think of this rocky grey.

Written Review:
As I hear it, Doldam is the name of a district in Seoul that is known for these stone walls. In the pictures I saw online, this color looks pretty consistent with the old, stone walls. It's a good match.


Lots of color depth in this swatch of ink. And an eyelash on the page below.

It's a bit thin, this ink. You can see the dark-to-light shading in these writing samples, and that's because the ink sort of follows the nib across the coated paper before pooling where the nib stops. You can sort of see how I form my letters, if you look at where it's lightest.

This one isn't great at resisting water, but it does leave behind a mustardy yellow where the lines were.


This is pretty special. Look at all of the colors in that strip! It's a grey ink with brown tones, and there's no brown or grey in this chromatography. Crazy, right?

Staples 20lb Copy Paper

This is where it starts to go wrong. It's bleedy. It's feathery. It spreads. It's doing all of the bad things on this (admittedly terrible) paper.

Wheat Straw Paper:

It does okay here even though this paper is uncoated.

Ink Journal Tomoe River Paper:

Of course, it's fine on Tomoe River. Everything is.

Some Staples Sugarcane Paper:

This paper is usually pretty good at handling fountain pen inks, but Doldam feathers and spreads and bleeds on it. It does this on several other uncoated papers of good quality, too.

Color Comparisons:

Video Review: 

** 3 Oysters sent this ink over from South Korea for review. No promises were made, and no guarantees given. Just my honest review. YMMV, etc. **
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