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Lamy Crystal Ink Obsidian


Lamy has a new set of inks, and they've chosen a mineral theme (though obsidian isn't actually a mineral), and some of these inks look pretty cool. I picked this one up from Dromgoole's at the Atlanta Pen Show, and you can find the whole line on their web site. They come in 30ml bottles at $16, and they're pretty nice bottles. Wide mouths, deep enough, and the glass looks nice.

Obsidian is a deep black ink that will give you some sheen with the right paper/nib combination. I like an interesting black ink, and this one is pretty cool. It's a little on the thick side, and it had some trouble in finer nibs. I added a little White Lightning to a sample vial of Obsidian, and it keeps it working in that very fine JoWo nib on my Krusac pen. None of the wider nib sizes had any issues with Obsidian, though.

Close Ups

You can see some of the sheen in this ink in the picture above. It's a good looking ink. 

Paper Test: 20 lb Copy Paper

This ink didn't have many problems on the bad office paper, though there was some bleed and feather from the music stub on the Sailor pen. 

Paper Test: Ink Journal Tomoe River Paper

The ink comes off a little bit blue on this sample, but I think that's just where I rotated the nib too much on the italic nib, so it didn't get much ink on the page. I'm not very good at writing with that nib.

Paper Test: Inky Fingers Currently Inked Wheat Straw Paper


Water Test:

This one is a little bit water resistant. It definitely smears around, but it's readable. 

Video Review

Color Comparisons

**I bought this ink, and the links are just links. No affiliate links or anything. All impressions are mine, and what you see is what I got.**
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