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J. Herbin 1798 Kyanite du Nepal

Sample bottle provided for review by Exaclair, the USA distributor for J. Herbin.

Each year, Herbin comes out with a shimmery ink, and the last couple of them have been in the silver-shimmer 1798 line. Somehow, I've actually skipped the last two. I understand why I would have skipped the purple one, but how in the world did I skip the orange? I'll have to rectify that.

This one, obviously, is a blue. It's a really nice blue, actually, and one that is different from the other blues that I have in my collection. The silver shimmer/sheen isn't as impressive as Colorverse Cat (and here's a look at that one), but it comes off as a nice bright blue. Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Written Review

Close ups!

I love a good bright blue ink, and this is certainly one of those. I'd buy this one without the shimmer, too. The shimmer and the sheen are more subtle in this one than in many of the other shimmery J. Herbin inks. It's certainly there, but it's not overwhelming.

I didn't have any serious issues with this ink in the BB SIG nib that I've been using it in. There are some places where the flow was a little more reticent than in others, but I never had it stop up on me. This nib is fairly wide, but it's not crazy wet, so I think this one will work well in smaller nibs.

Paper Test: 20 lb Copy Paper

This ink behaved itself really well on the cheap-o copy paper from Staples. There are a couple of spots of bleed through, but that's not bad on this paper from this nib.

 Paper Test: Ink Journal Tomoe River Paper
You can catch a couple hints of the sheen on this paper, but it's subtle.

Paper Test: Inky Fingers Currently Inked Wheat Straw Paper

Just fine on this paper, of course. A little sheen, and the color comes through well.


This one has blue in it. Pretty much just blue. And a hair. That's not part of it.

Water Test

Not particularly water resistant. You can see the lines and most of the words after the water was blotted away.

Video Review!

Color Comparisons! 

Most of these are on Col-o-ring Cards or Col-o-Dex Cards. Find them here.

**This little bottle was sent out for review by Exaclair, the USA distributor for J. Herbin and other brands. All impressions are mine, and what you see is what I got.**
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