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Blackstone's Lemur Lime


(So this is a repost. I accidentally deleted the previous version of this post. I really don't know how I did that. )

This is "John from Lemur Inks convinces Mike to try inks he doesn't think he'll like" week on the blog. I'm all for it.

Lemur Lime is a store exclusive made in Australia and sold at Lemur Ink. In the bottle, it looks like an ink that I'd be disappointed in. It's sort of pale and yellow and it reminds me of past disappointments like Robert Oster Sublime or Iroshizuku Chiku Rin.

On the page, though, it really pops. It's a great green, and it's a rare thing to pull off this shade in a way that's so bright and readable. Check it out below!

 Written Review:

Close Ups:

The Bottle:

20lb Copy Paper: 

On Wheat Straw Paper

Ink Journal Tomoe River:

 Water Test:


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**I got this bottle for free for review purposes, but that doesn't change my reviews in any way I know of. What you see is what I got. YMMV.**
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