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Monteverde Sweet Life Mango Mousse


I don't love this one. It's a little bit on the dry side, and it's way too light/bright for me. It's just not all that readable on good papers. When you write on crap paper, though, it's better. I've also heard that it's good with brushes and other methods that put lots of ink on paper. In a fountain pen, though, I'm not a fan.

Written Review:


20lb Copy Paper

It's actually pretty good on this bad paper. Very little bleed, and the color is readable.

Ink Journal Tomoe River:

On Wheat Straw Paper:

The Bottle:

Perfectly cromulent little bottle.

Video Review:

Water Test:

Dismal waterproofness, but that's to be expected from a yellow, really.


Color Comparisons:

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