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Kala Nostalgia Blue Lagoon Vapor


Okay, so, this is a new ink brand for me. I've been using Kala pigmented inks over the last couple of months, and I'm a big fan. They flow well in all sorts of nibs, the colors aren't like anything else, and they are extremely water-fast. The performance is really darn good even on bad papers, too. After I tried the first one, I bought another. After I used that second one, I bought the other 4. So....I've got all of them. Well, all of the ones I can buy here in the USA.

The only thing here is that several of the colors in this Kala Nostalgia line are pretty similar. You don't need all of them. I'll be reviewing these over the next few weeks, and you should pick the ones you like best. But, really, don't sleep on these.

They're pigmented, so they are a bit on the matte side, and they change color as they dry. Don't worry about them stopping up your pen, though. None of mine have over the last few months, and I haven't had any dodgy starts or anything. And the price is right.

I bought mine at JetPens. That's the only place I know to find them, stateside.

Written Review


Bottle and Col-o-Dex

Copy Paper Test

I can see a few feathers and a few spots of bleed-through in these close-up shots. Keep in mind, though, that this paper is really weak sauce. It's fine for your office copier, but it's crap for writing on with anything more than a ballpoint.

InkJournal Tomoe River

Inky Fingers Wheat Straw Paper


Water Test

Is this the before or the after picture? Don't worry about it. This ink doesn't shift under water.Well, okay, there's a slight smudge. That's it.

Video Review

Color Comparisons

**I bought this from JetPens. Thanks goes to my Patrons!**
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