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Kala Nostalgia Mongolian Sandstorm


Another Kala ink! The last one looked like several of the other inks in the Kala Nostalgia range, and this one doesn't. It's a dusty sort of purple. Most of the time.

On one particular paper, it's really different. I have no idea why. Check out the way it pops when you put on Tomoe River. Weird, right?

Anyway, if you're looking for a dusty violet-grey ink with good flow and exceptional water resistance, then you should check out this weirdly named sandstorm.

I bought this ink at JetPens, and it's recently come into stock at Shigure Inks, as well. If you order something because you saw it on a blog, let the vendor know who helped you out!

Written Review


Bottle and Col-o-Dex

Copy Paper (the bad stuff)

You get a bit of bleed here and there, but it's nothing major and this is some really bad paper.

Tomoe River Inkjournal

This the one that's kinda wild. The color is totally different

Inky Fingers Currently Inked


Water Drop Test

Is this the before or the after? It's the after. This ink doesn't care about water.

Video Review

Color Comparisons

**I bought this ink. Thanks Patrons!**
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