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Sheaffer Coastal Blue


Sheaffer has recently introduced a new line of inks, and it seems like the Skrip line might have been discontinued. These new inks come in a 30ml glass bottle that includes the inkwell that older Skrip bottles used to include. I'll have some pictures of all of that further down this page. 

Coastal Blue is a real nice teal. I think it's a nice representation of coastal waters off of a tropical island or some such. The flow is a little on the dry side, and it sometimes felt a little anemic from the nib I was using for it. That translates to good performance on bad papers like my 20lb copy paper.

Written Review


No real water resistance on this ink. A coastal ink that should maybe stay away from the coast.


Copy Paper Test

This one is good for copy paper. Not many inks can resist bleeding through this terrible paper, but Coastal Blue stays on the side it belongs on.

Tomoe River Paper


Wheat Straw Paper


The Bottle

These bottle have the built-in inkwell that the old Sheaffer bottles had. It's a nice feature, though it's a little on the shallow side for some larger nibs. Unlike the Sailor bottle's plastic inkwell, the built-in Sheaffer version is off to the side so it doesn't get in the way if you'd rather not use it. And it will for sure help when the bottle gets low on ink. 

 I also want to point out that inner cap lining. It's a small thing, but I really like that the foam which seals the lid is secured to the lid, itself. It won't just stick to the top of the bottle if you haven't opened it in a while. Small things that make your life easier.

Comparable Colors

There are lots of colors in this space, but these were the closest I found.

Video Review on YouTube

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kcwookie said...

Given the problems Cross has, everyone might want to stock up because I don't expect either company to see 2025. I don't think their current formula is as good as vintage Skrip. For those who have bought Sheaffer ink, what you bought may be old stock. The white label is from when Bic owned them. The black label is a bit newer.