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Sheaffer's Bling: Shimmery Sheaffer?


This new line of Sheaffer ink is pretty great. Bling has a subtle shimmer, but it's certainly there even if you won't always see it. What you'll always see is a really nice grey color. It also works well on the fountain-pen-unfriendly copy paper I test on. That's always a nice surprise. 

Another nice surprise is that the new bottles are a throwback to the vintage Sheaffer bottles with the built-in ink well. They were before my time, but I always liked those bottles. I have a few from my Grandmother's things, and I think they're neat. 

Written Review

Close Ups

Solid pricing, too. 

It's not very water resistant, but it certainly has some resistance, and you'd be able to read what you wrote if you spilled something on it. Yet another good quality. 


This grey ink jus has grey in it. That's neat and unusual.

Copy Paper Test

That's solid performance on this trash-tier copy paper. Most things wetter than a ballpoint will bleed straight through. 

Nock Co Note Card

BTS Lyrics written in Sheaffer Bling Ink

Sometimes I write lyrics to test out papers. This one seemed appropriate. 

Tomoe River

Wheat Straw Paper

Color Comparisons

Video Review

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