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Robert Oster Pen Chalet Exclusive: Scorpion!


This was an ink that I just knew I HAD to have when I saw it. I like scorpions, I like weird yellow-browns, and I like Robert Oster & Penchalet. So, it was an insta-buy. Sort of. My friend Kimberly got it for both of us and brought it to me at a show. We're both fans of the Scorps. 

The color on the page isn't as dark as the image on the lid, but it is a beautiful ink, anyway. A rich yellow-brown, it's readable, it behaves well on bad paper, and it makes me happy to see it on the page. If you're tired of blue and black and are looking for a non-standard ink, this is a great one. Spice up that page!

Full Page Review

Just look at that color. It's mustardy sometimes, and other times it's a brown, and sometimes it's like a dark sand. And all of that from a regular medium JoWo nib. Magical.


The only think lacking from this ink is water resistance, and one doesn't usually expect that from a yellow/brown anyway. It would be nice, but I'm not mad at it.


So many colors! I'd never have guessed what color this all comes together to become. That light green band? The pink base layer? Wild.

20lb, 30% Recycled Copy Paper Test

That's real good for this bottom tier paper.

Domtar Bold 28 Paper (from Blank Slate Paper)

Wheat Straw Paper

I love it on this paper. More wheat straw papers need to be available. It's so hard to find these days. Sugarcane is close, though.

Tomoe River Paper

Color Comparisons (on col-o-dex and col-o-ring cards)

 Video Review



** I bought this ink from Pen Chalet. I try not to let that sort of thing color my reviews. What you see is what I got. Thanks for the support, Patrons!*

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I've really been enjoying the whole Pen Chalet-Robert Oster palette. All the inks are both deep and subdued, the kind of tones that draw me in.

"Spice up that page!" you write. Yes! Scorpion reminds me of turmeric even more than mustard. And the chromatography is out of this world. I'm waiting for someone to come up with a paper that shows chromatography in individual letters instead of, say, shading or sheening. I'm guessing there would have to pixie dust or something like that involved.

Maybe what I need to do is ink up a set of pens with these inks and use them together for a while.