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Pennonia x Cult Pens' Arvacska


Y'all, this is a really good ink. I was already turning a corner on the color purple, but this one was so impossible to ignore. It's great. The color is excellent, the performance is very good on bad copy paper, and the flow seems perfect. Add to that that it's a very rare shade of purple (I only have one that's close to it), and it's an ink you shouldn't miss.

This name is a difficult one to say, (unless you're Hungarian) but it translates to pansy, and I have yet to find a bad pansy ink. So, get yourselves over to Cult Pens and pick up a bottle of Arvacska. You won't be disappointed. 

( I just found a referral link for Cult Pens, and you'll get 10% off of your first order and I'll get the same.)

 Now, as with all purples, it's difficult to render on a camera. I've adjusted these photos so that they're as close as I can get to the right color on *my* screen, but it might not be perfectly represented on your screen.



Poppin'. Purple.


It's interesting how simple this chromatography looks.

20lb, 30% Recycled Copy Paper Test

This is pretty darn good performance on this bad paper. You gotta expect some bleed through on this stuff.

HP Premium 32 Paper

Tomoe River Paper

It almost glows.

Wheat Straw Paper

Good here, too. The wheat straw paper isn't coated, but it is very smooth and this ink liked it.

Color Comparisons (on col-o-dex cards)

 These are Col-o-Dex cards, and you can find them here.

Video Review



** I bought this ink from Birmingham Pen Co. I try not to let that sort of thing color my reviews. What you see is what I got. Thanks for the support, Patrons!*

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You know already that you made me into one of the Arvacska faithful a while ago. There really is no other ink quite like it. Even the DC Violet, though *close*, lacks that certain special something that sets Arvacska apart.

The colour comes out pretty true on my computer if I turn the brightness up almost all the way.Nice job adjusting the tone.

Now I have to finish writing out a pen or two so I can ink something up with Arvacska.

Thanks for the review and reminder about this ink.