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October Ink Drop

I actually got this month's Ink Drop in the mail on October 1st, but I didn't want to post it immediately and ruin the surprise for eveyone who didn't get it that day. It was a good plan, but it led to me forgetting to post them until now. Ah, well.

This month's collection is the set of inks from a (new?) company called "Scribal Work Shop." I don't know if they even have any other inks, but this is a pretty solid set of colors to start out with. 

There's nothing here that's going to knock your socks off, but they're all pretty classic colors. At $8 for a 60ml bottle, they're very reasonably priced as long as they behave themselves on the page. I've inked up a cheap-o Hero pen with Kraken, and it seems to be a pretty decent black. Perhaps I'll load up the Leviathan in something soon, as I have several greens that I need to review, and I might as well make a week out of it. 

Brian Goulet has a long blog post with more information about these inks over on Ink Nouveau.  Go over there and check out his post.

You'll notice that at the bottom of the post there's a note that there might be some mold issues with the current version of the Zhulong red ink. I think I've got some growth in mine, but it has been kept in the dark and mostly sealed up, so nothing much has grown. I'm kinda glad that I didn't ink it up in anything.
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