Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

Organics Studio Manganate V

I have a bunch of inks from Organics Studios, and I'm not sure what I think about them. I like that the guy  making them (Tyler) is trying to do something new and interesting. He's made some inks in interesting colors, and he gives them cool elemental names. 
The problem is that some of them are a little worrisome when it comes to consistency and such. The black is called Carbon, and it's so heavily pigmented that it looks almost gritty. I'm a little worried about putting it in my pens, so I haven't done that yet. The reds he's done have had solidifying problems. 

Manganate V doesn't have any of those problems. It was in my Vista for a long while, and it never exhibited any precipitation or anything. 
This ink shades on cheaper papers, and it's a blue that is just short of a blue black. I used it for a long while, and it was a good ink. It has a pretty decent flow to it, and it looks pretty nice on the page. I would have liked it to have been more lubricated than it is. It felt a little scratchy on the paper. It's a good color, though, so I'm looking forward to the future iterations of this ink. 

My voice is kinda awesome in this one. I might have had a bit of a cold or something, but I wish I sounded like this all the time.
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