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Sheaffer Blue Ink Cartridge

This was an ink that I wasn't really expecting much from. I almost never use cartridges in my pens, but this cart came with a Sheaffer pen that I picked yup cheap at the DC Penshow this summer. It's a really nice Sheaffer, but it doesn't have a name on it, and the packaging didn't give it a name. I'll post an image of the pen one of these days, and one of you can identify it for me. It's a classy brushed aluminum pen with a rubber grip on a plastic section.

Anyway, this blue is a great color. It's got some serious shading potential on even crappy papers - like composition books - and it really looks great on Rhodia. It's a bright blue - though not as bright as Liberty's Elysium - that shades into an indigo. Really nice.

The problem with it is that it has a tendency to bleed and spread on not-good papers. It's a wet flowing ink, and I think the nib on the pen is a bit wet, so that probably contributes to the problem. If you were to use these carts in a drier writer then it might help the problem out.

I'll have the drip test up soon, but I don't expect much from it.

Here ya go. This is the video of the drip test. I've also shown the pen that the cartridge came with, so if you recognize it let me know what it's called.

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