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De Atramentis Gandhi

I totally forgot that I had this review in the can. I was just sitting at my desk lamenting that it's been so dreary, which has kept me from taking new pictures and things. Then I realized I had this sunny set of pictures just sitting there waiting for me.

DA's Gandhi is a bright yellow-gold ink. It reminds me of sunshine, and that makes me happy. It looks great in the smear to the left, doesn't it? It's a nice orange-y yellow color that doesn't look like very many other colors. The closest is probably Sailor's Jentle Apricot, but the Sailor ink is darker and more orange.

Unfortunately, it is just too light for me to use. It doesn't show up well against white papers, and I that's all I use. I find it hard to imagine that it would look better on ivory or something else, but I haven't tried it.

Additionally, the ink seems to flow a bit dry for me. It makes my TWSBI 540 skip on the page, and it hasn't done that with other inks that I remember. Perhaps if you have a pen that puts down a lot of ink it would work out. Maybe a dip pen? If you've tried these things out, let me know how they worked for you in the comments.

I recommend that if you want an ink like this, you should check out Jentle Apricot. It's a much better ink in my opinion.

Here's the water test video. It goes about as well as I expected.

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