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De Atramentis Steel Blue

Steel Blue is a fairly unique ink. It looks like some other inks, but none of them are really the same. It's a little like Waterman's Mysterious Blue, but it isn't nearly as green-tinged. It looks like it has some of the same "bluejeans" quality that Noodler's Upper Ganges Blue has, but it's much darker than that ink.

It shades a bit if you have a broader nib or a good paper, but you probably won't notice it much on regular papers.

It doesn't bleed very often. You might see a dot or two bleeding through on comp book paper, but that's about as low as paper quality gets. It does tend to feather just a little because it's just slightly wet-flowing. The feathering is very slight, though, and not enough to bother me.

I wrote the review with a fine nib, but I think this ink would perform really well in something with a slightly dry feed and a broader nib. I think it would work really well in a Pilot Metropolitan with a Plumix nib, for example. I'll be talking about that pen/nib combo in the near future. (I prefer to take my pictures with natural light, and it's been too overcast to take pics today.)

Here's the video where I do a water-test on the ink.

I really liked this ink. I have a predilection for blue inks, and this one is different enough to get my attention. I endorse it.
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