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New nibs for the TWSBI Mini and Vac 700.

TWSBI has been rolling out new nibs, lately. I think that all of us have been enjoying our new VAC 700 nibs, and their improved performance over the older Bock nibs. Well, there are a few more nibs available to us, now.

Even better, those nibs are stubs!

One of the most lamented things on the internet is how people are upset about not being able to find stub nibs for the TWSBI 540.  The 540 is on the way out (though there are still a few around at $40) and it is nearly impossible to find with the stub nibs. You can buy them separately through various websites, though. I haven't been able to try one of those stubs out, but I've not seen anything bad about them.

You can pick up new nibs for the 700 from TWSBI and from Goulet Pens for $23.99 (B,M,F,XF) or $25.99 (1.1 or 1.5). Nibs for the Mini are a couple of bucks cheaper. They come in the nice TWSBI vial that suspends your nib in the middle of the vial and keeps it safe. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the alternatives to the official TWSBI nibs. If you're not up to spending $25 plus shipping for a new nib, then you can pick up a Knox nib from xFountainpens for 1/3 the price of the official nibs. I haven't tried out the Knox stubs yet, but I've used the M, F, and XF nibs on my Ahabs and 700 and they're quite good. Their packaging isn't fancy. All of mine came in tiny plastic bags.

These won't work in your Mini, but they'll work in your 700. 

** I'm not affiliated with any of these merchants, but I've bought from all of them and they're all good businesses that I would recommend to my friends and family. 
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