Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

And we're back! Here's Online Brown. UPDATE: Video!

I know it's been a couple of weeks, but I think the house-getting has settled down, and I've finally caught up on work-stuff enough to justify coming back to the blog. I tell you what, getting settled in a new house is exhausting. I went to bed last night at about 8:30. Ugh.

Anyway, Online is a German company that has some interesting pens and Goulet used to carry some of their inks. They came in really small bottles (15 mls), and I picked up samples from the line shortly before Goulet stopped carrying them. Actually, I don't know if Online even makes ink any more. They don't seem to have any on their site, but it looks like a fair amount of their english-language site is down. I've only tried 2 of the inks (the green is going up next), but I've liked both of them.

This brown ink is very...medium. It's a medium brown that is medium wet. Does it shade? Well, maybe. I had it in an XF pen, so I really can't tell what it'll do in a broad, but I think it might do a little shading with a bigger nib. It did shade a little on Rhodia, but I didn't see it do that elsewhere. If you're into brown inks, then you're probably going to like this one. It's not yellow, and it's not super-dark. It's medium-brown.

I had a little pad of cheap paper, so I wrote a little to show the ink on the worst paper I could find. It feathered and bled there, but you'll be fine using it on anything else.


I'll try to have the water test video up soon, but I've only just found the box that I hope has the original write-up in it. We've moved, but I haven't had a chance to unpack my office at all.

Here's the video water test.

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