Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

The February Ink Drop (New, less-terrible pictures.)

I'm sure most have seen this set of inks already, but mine were due to arrive shortly before we moved house, and they were lost in the post for a couple-or-three weeks. Then I couldn't find my normal sampling paper so I just used a sheet of paper from the printer. It doesn't give as much depth of color as Rhodia or other heavy papers, but it does show what the inks are likely to look like on normal office paper.

I've got Grenade in a grading pen right now, and its not bad. It tends to have a high surface tension ( which keeps some of it stuck up in the top of my converter) but its an interesting color to grade in. And it's kind of fun to use a Grenade on some student's work.

(Ooof. The photo isn't the best. I'm trying out this new iPad, and I'm not all that good with it yet.)

Okay, here are some more pictures.

This paper was all distorted by the ink I smeared on it. You can see the wrinkles.
Take that, Staples 20lb basic copy paper!

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