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Online Smaragd (Emerald) UPDATE: Video!

As promised, here's the other Online ink that I've had a chance to try out. Smaragd is a green that runs a little more towards blue-green than straight green. It's got about the same characteristics that the Brown does, but it will bleed/feather/spread if your paper is cheap. That's probably because it flows a little bit wet from my Lamy's M-nib. This makes it look like it shades just a bit, but I think that's really just ink-pooling before it dries.

This is pre-water-test, of course.

You can see in this pic that it's a bit more blue than some other greens.

This last set of pictures are done on the cheapest little pad of paper I have sitting around. You can see the bleed on the page, but you'll have to trust me on the spread. It's mot much, but it does make my M-nib look like a broad. Not much feathering, but there is some.


I suggest that you give it a shot if you're in the market for a new green ink. It's not unique, but it's different enough that it is worth adding to your collection if you can find one of these little bottles.

Here's the water drop test of Smaragd:

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