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May's Goulet Ink Drop

 The theme this month was "Because we felt like it." They couldn't come up with a cohesive theme, but they wanted to send out this set of inks. It's an interesting set, and I've only got one of them, so that's a win for me.

The one that I have is the last on the page, which is Noodler's 54th Massachusetts. I had just run out of my previous sample of this ink, so the timing was excellent. I really like that ink. It's one that I'll have to get a bottle of very soon, I think. A great blue-black that doesn't feather, spread, or wash away with water? Yeah, not much else to ask for. Well, perhaps "Massachusetts" could be a little easier to spell.

The rest of these inks are pretty cool, too. I'm glad I've got some more R&K inks to try out. I've only had a little experience with those in the past, and I think I liked them. The two DA inks are new-to-me, and the orange will look nice in my TWSBI 540 while the Turquoise will likely end up in my wife's turquoise Lamy Safari. If she wants another green ink, that is. She's currently using Soft Mint in her mint-colored Diplomat Traveler, so she might want some variation. Guess we'll see if she reads the blog and lets me know. :-)

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