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De Atramentis Oriental Red

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DA's Oriental Red is an interesting red, but it's not one that will make it into my regular rotation, I don't think. The color is actually a little brighter on my monitor than it appears on my page. When you're thinking of this red, think of the look of a faded old red barn. It reminds me a little of the color of R&K's Morinda, but Oriental Red is a bit more boring.

If you're into that sort of color, then this is a well-behaved ink. It doesn't bleed or feather, and it spreads just a little. The flow is a bit dry, so you might want to use it in a pen that has a wet nib in it. The pen that I tried it in (my TWSBI 540) is a little bit on the dry side, and so it was really dry in combination with this ink.

De Atramentis makes no claims that this ink is water-resistant, and that's a good thing. It's not.

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