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Pen show pics

I really meant to take more pictures, but I couldn't stop looking at things long enough to do that. Here are a few shots that I got with my phone. More (better) pictures tomorrow. 

I took this panoramic. It came out interesting, but not really "well."  Check out the two guys who were moving in the shot. 

Getting a couple of these tomorrow. Maybe three? 

Richard is a fixture, and I managed to catch his face. A rare find!

I think I'll be buying from this table tomorrow. Lots of cool stuff, and made locally. 

Ryan, here, makes some really nice kit-pens. He tells me he's putting together a big workshop, and I'm interested to see what he turns out next. 

These pens might look like Parker Vacumatics, but they're really made up of Vac parts repurposed into ballpoint click-pens. Pretty slick. 

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