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Black Swan in English Roses

This Noodler's ink is one of the Black Swan series. These inks are meant to shade well and to exhibit a halo effect when you use them with absorbent papers or flexible nibs. Whereas Australian Roses is a more purplish ink (not far from Elderberries), English Roses is a deep red with a tinge of maroon or brown. It dries about the same color as dried blood. As I say in the written sample, it is an ink with some gravitas. It isn't particularly water resistant, but there are still legible marks on the page.

It shades really well in my Rotring M nib, and it doesn't feather or bleed at all, even on cheap papers. It's also very well lubricated, and it feels very smooth on the page. It might be the smoothest ink I have. I'll probably be using this to grade with.

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Lee said...

I think the formula for both of the Roses inks is something like 1/8 or 1/16 Bulletproof Black, so you should get some indication of what you wrote even after a soak.

I like this ink much more than the Australian Roses. To me, I think of it as more of a brick red than a blood red.

Lee said...

FYI, I have plugged this review in my first guest blogging work at It is probably my favorite red hue, after all.