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Visconti's Sepia

This is the first Visconti ink that I've had the pleasure  of trying out. I picked this bottle of ink up from a sale at a website that I can't recall. I remember that it was a good deal for the ink, but that the shipping cost took the total price back up to about $11 or $12. That's still a pretty good price for this ink, which runs in the $17 range. The bottle itself (which I have (cleverly) not photographed) is the really attractive bottle you'll see when you watch the video review at the bottom of this post.

I wasn't sure what to expect from a Visconti ink. Their pens tend to be a little wild. They're wild in a way that I'm totally into, but they're a little wild. Fear not, Sepia isn't a wild ink. It might be "wild" as far as sepia inks go, but that's definitely on the mild side of wild. You're unlikely to be wow'd by this ink.

It's a brown that is more red and a bit darker than you would expect a sepia to be. It flows well, though perhaps a bit on the wet side of medium. It was fine in the fine nib I was using, but I could see it being a little wet in a broad nib.

That said, you'll almost certainly be satisfied with this ink. It doesn't feather. It doesn't bleed. It doesn't spread. In short, it's well-behaved.

If you want a nice brown ink, then check out Visconti Sepia. It's a perfectly adequate ink, but I don't think it's really worth the high price-tag.

I didn't have any brown inks at the time I was writing this review, but I think the photo is accurately representing the color.

So, is it water resistant? (You'll notice that I say "sepia" incorrectly.)

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Lee said...

I actually like brown inks, but I tend to not like ones named sepia. I think of them as too yellow. I think this ink is misnamed but ultimately is not really worth much fuss. I think you hit the nail on the head basically.

Mike Matteson said...

That's true of me, too, now that I think of it. My sample size is limited (I've only got about 3 of them), but I haven't been wild about any of them.