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DC Fountain Pen SuperShow (Part I)

Whew. It's Wednesday, and I'm only just feeling recovered enough to write a blog post. Audrey and I drove up to Maryland on Friday night to stay with my Auntie Marge. She's awesome, and she always lets us camp on her for the Show. She loaded us up with plants for our new house, and I've been planting this week (in between rain storms).

Saturday, we were at the Show from about 10am until well after it closed. Last year we went to lunch at this awesome Gyro place, but this year we didn't leave the floor until after 6:45. There was always more to see. In fact, I'm sure that there were lots of tables in the center of the big ballroom that we didn't even see. I really wish we'd been able to go back for Sunday, but that just wasn't in the cards.

Alright, we took a whole bunch of pictures, and talked to tons of people. I'm not going to try and cram all of this stuff into one post, so this is just Part I.

We swung through the Stipula/Delta/Monteverde/Conklin table and tried out a few of the Conklin and Monteverde pens. Audrey had gotten a Monteverde Artista at the Raleigh show, and she's a big fan of them. (She did end up picking up a Monteverde Regatta later on.)

Right next to them, we found the Write Notepads & Co. Chris and Marc are really cool guys, and we chatted with them for quite a while. I'll be writing a post about them in the near future, but the short story is that they're 3rd generation book binders who decided to start making notebooks. They're a very small operation (I think it's just the two of them), and they were doing a soft-launch at the DC Show. They'll be opening up their website at the end of this week (I think), and they will be donating a notebook (like the orange one in the picture below) for each notebook bought. Pretty awesome project, guys. They gave me a bunch of notebooks to try out, and I'll be giving some of them away on the blog (soonish).

From there, we swung by the Indy Pen Dance table and chatted with Mike & Linda (my parents' names, by the way). They're nice folks, and always busy at these shows.

Making our way around the inner circle of the lobby, we passed lots of interesting things, including the S.T. Dupont table. They weren't as chatty, but they had some really classy looking pens on the table.

Visconti always has a table full of awesome things. I can't afford any of those things, but I really like being able to see and play with them. I didn't get any pictures of the Homo Sapiens, but that's really a grail-pen for me. The price is just a bit out of my range until I win the lottery.

The Pininfarina. This thing is cool. Over-designed, and super-priced, but cool.
Something new from Visconti this year: Watches!

These beautiful watches are priced between $4000 and $4700. I mean, I they're super-cool, but there are cars that cost less than this. While I was talking to the Visconti folks, a guy came up and asked me about my watch, which he liked. I had to tell him that it was a Relic watch that I got at JC Penny. The Visconti rep behind the table was a little revolted by that, and we had a good laugh.

Alrighty, that's enough of a picture-glut for today. More tomorrow!

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