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Organics Studio's Jules Verne Nautilus Blue

I've been a big fan of the Organics Studio inks that I've tried this summer. Edgar Allen Poe and Jane Austen are both really good inks. Walt Whitman is good, though I haven't reviewed it yet.

Jules Verne is a medium-light blue ink with a slightly dusky tone. It's a bit too light for me, I think. It also seems to bleed and spread more than I want it to. In an extra fine nib, it's pretty well-behaved. In fine, medium, and my broad stub it has too much spread.

Overall, this is my least favorite of the OS inks that I've tried recently. It lacks something. Some punch, some impact, that thing that makes an ink special. It does have one feature that I didn't expect, and I'll get to that in a bit.

Here's the flood of pictures.

The swatch at the bottom of this page looks like an ink I'd be really into. The problem is that you have to put down a lot of ink to get that color to come out, and that much ink will spread and bleed (a little).

 As you can see below, there's some bleed-through on this Anderson Pens paper. Given that this paper stands up well to some other very bleedy inks, you can see what might happen on regular office or notebook papers. It's not out of control, but it's not well-behaved.

So, is it water-resistant? Well, you might be surprised.

My final impression is that I'm not a fan. This ink might work for some people who want a light blue ink that is water-resistant for their very fine point pens. It's not going to get much of any use from me. 
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