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Organics Studio Jane Austen


I haven't reviewed all that many purple inks. Looking back, I've only used the purple tag 5 times. Of those, only one of them is really a purple. Well, that's about to change. There are two purple inks in the hopper, and this is one of them.

Jane Austen is a bright purple that reminds me of violets. It really stands out from the page. So far, the only purple inks that I've really liked have been in this color-family. Jane Austen reminds me (a little) of murasaki-shikibu from iroshizuku.

Jane isn't the best-behaved ink that I've ever used, but the issues it has aren't that big a deal. It bleeds and feathers just a little bit. I think that's more a matter of its wet flow than anything else. I didn't find it to be a serious issue.

The dry time is pretty great, actually.


The comparisons here were really colorful. I had all sorts of good colors inked up at this point. I think Jane Austen holds its own among this crowd.

Here's the video review and water test. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Organics Studio supplied this ink to me free of charge. No money changed hands. My impressions and review are my own. I am not paid for my opinion, my endorsements, or any other service.
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