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Franklin-Christoph's Piper Black Cartridge (Classic Black?)

This is a review that has been waiting a really long time. You'll see in some of the photos that there is a bit of black that comes from my review of their Black Magic Black.  Soooo, this review has been hanging out in my stack for close to a year. Weird, but I'm glad I found it.

This is a perfectly serviceable black ink. It actually performed better on office paper than it does on this Rhodia. I can't remember having any problems with this one, but it didn't work well on Rhodia. It seemed to be reluctant to write on that paper, for some reason.

It's not the darkest black that you'll find, but it works just fine for most uses.

I say, in the written review that this is only in cartridges, but they've had it made in bottles, and you can find it with the rest of the bottles here. I haven't tried the bottled version of this ink, but Scott tells me that it's the same formula.

And here's the video with a water drip test:

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