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Sailor Jentle Sky High

Sailor's Sky High is one of my favorite inks. It's a bright blue that flows perfectly in every pen that I've had it in, and that's way more than average. You'll see in the written review that I've got writing samples from 4 pens. Every time I go to ink up a pen, I'm tempted to put Sky High in it. I've gotta stop that at some point, but I haven't really reached that point  yet.

There are just going to be a lot of pictures below. It's a great ink. You should get it. I need more Sailor inks. I've only tried about three of them, and they've all been excellent.

At Anderson  Pens. They've got the best price on this ink. $12.50 for 50mls.

 I like it in most everything, and it looks a bit different from all of these nibs. It's probably best in my Grandfather's old Parker 51 and in my Conklin Crescent's 1.1 stub. They're radically different nibs, but Sky High is super in both.

Check out that difference. you'd never even guess they were the same ink.

The above is what this ink looks like most of the time, though.

Here's the ink video. I had some "help" from my buddy Jack the Cat on this one, and then I ran out of storage on my iPad and I had to stitch some more video on it. 

Here's the spoiler:

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Paul Hurley said...

Great review Michael.
Completely agree with your high regard for Sailor Sky High. I purchased a bottle about a month ago and it is really nice. Your Conklin 1.1 stub shows off the ink's red sheen - something I have been looking for in my recent ink acquisitions.

dowdyism said...

Absolutely one of the best. Love it in my F-C Model 40 Pocket.

T-Luxx said...

I just picked up a bottle of this ink and so far, I love it. Great review of a great ink.

Mike Matteson said...

Thanks, everyone! If I were going to use a pen as an eyedropper, I'd probably use this ink with it. It's super-good. I kinda foresee myself getting all sorts of Sailor inks at my next pen show.